Andre Pierre
McLean Bill
Bang Bobbie
Boblink Charles (Bud)
Burton Michael
Campinelli Joe
Curtale Jimmy
Di Fulvio Jo (Jo Jo)
Demase Gene
De Santis Louis
Doucette Dave
Fendall Chuck
Ford (Playford) Carl
Gordon Eddie
Hadamik Hank
Hadamik Bob
Harmon Hal
Lass Bob
Magann Lester (Les)
Marquis (Marchoveccio) Frank
McKaskey (Stagg McMann) Hugh (Pud)
Mitkowski Frank (Moose)
Moore Skippy
Pace Vic
Paskas Andy
Patierno Vito
Powell Don
Samuels? Henry
Sgro Anthony (Tony)
Sgro Dominic (Dom)
Stryker Tom
Tedeschi Mike
Wal(s)ton Ray
Whitcomb George
Wright Carl

Would anyone be able to confirm if "Henry Samuels," formerly member of the "Morton Fraser Harmonica Gang," was a member of the Puleo Gang?

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