Pete Pedersen
The Man and his Harmonica
4 September 1925 - 15 May 2002
Art M. Daane

Pete's latest CD "Some of These Days & Some of Those Days" is a delight to any one's ears. A sparkling momento from years gone by from the first to the last track!
Sonny, as they used to call him after he got his first harmonica at the age of five, has done it again.
The album features an opening/title cut that has Pete reminiscing about the early years, a delightful opening of this magnificent CD.

In later years Pete toured with Minevitch for eight years - much of it as the leader that bantered with Johnny Puleo ("The Little Guy").
Pete left to join the "Don Henry Trio"
He left the Don Henry Trio with former Rascal "Fuzzy Feldman" and formed "The Harmonica Aires".

Pete eventually went out on his own as a solo comedy/harmonica act, touring the world (including an Asian Tour with the Harmonicats).

As his family grew he decided to settle down in Memphis, TN (USA) where he was Musical Director for a large Production company that produced singing commercials and radio and television station musical "ID's".

He moved to Toronto, Ontario Canada during the disco years where he wrote and arranged 12 disco albums for several major labels.
He also wrote the sound track for a mini series on the Vietnam War for their national public broadcasting TV network", did 'session' work for various labels and television shows, and wrote singing commercials for companies like Pontiac and Alcam (Alcoa).

Pete returned to the US to form his own production company. This gave him a home base with the freedom to record, do 'gigs' and play festivals as he wished.

During the next fifteen years he would perform in Japan, Holland, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland as well as cities throughout the USA.

He released "Groovin' High" (Jazz album) in the mid nineties.
His new release: "Some of These Days & Some of Those Days" is a compilation of tunes he recorded over a period of 25 years.
All tunes on this album were arranged and played by Pete. There are two original tunes that were commissioned as test pieces for various World Harmonica Festivals.
There's also a bonus cut - a second "take" of "Cheek to Cheek" with a different opening, and a Christmas cut with vocal.
Many of these songs were also recorded, and programmed totally by Pete and his 'band in a drawer' ; others were recorded in studios both in Memphis, TN and Toronto, Ontario Canada.

This CD can be ordered directly from:
P.O. Box 11155
Memphis, TN. 38111-0155
U. S. of America

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CD titles:
1. Some of These Days
2. Opus One
3. Unforgettable
4. An American In Paris
5. Cheek To Cheek/Take 2
6. Pete's Waltz/ Waltz Of The Flowers
7. Wind Beneath My Wings
8. La Corrida del Torro/ Test Piece #2
9. Latin Quarter Revisited
10. Pictures Of A Woman/ Test Piece #1
11. Song Of India
12. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
13. For Yoy For Me For Evermore
14. Cheek To Cheek/ Take 1

Pete's first CD, ``Groovin High``, is still available at the same price as Pete's latest album.

Pete's Biography is available.

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