Larry Adler

Larry Adler 1914 - 2001

Lawrence Cecil, was the real name
of this arrogant Jewish boy
who, virtuoso standing reached
playing classics on a toy

He hated being patronised
and he didn't like his name
so he shortened it to Larry
as he climbed to world-wide fame

Once he tried to join the "Rascals"
well suited? you would think
not in the mind of Minevitch
Borrah told him "Kid you stink"

As the greatest ever soloist
on harmonica he became
from a list of famous showbiz friends
he would often drop a name

Composers such as Gershwin
Vaughn Williams and Berlin
wrote pieces for this maestro
who we'll never se again

Despite the masive ego
of this very special man
he forever called his instrument
a simple "Mouth-Organ"

Brian Leslie Holland, August 2001

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