Duo Capricioso
Jan vd Nent (Harmonica)
Athena Norcia (Violin)

A new formation in the Netherlands!

American violinist Athena Norcia, now residing in the Netherlands, accidently met Jan vd Nent at a Bach recital.
When he told her that he played the harmonica and had Bach in his repertoire she could hardly believe that it was possible to play Bach on such a small instrument.
Fascinated by this she opted that she would like to do a duet with him, and when they did the audience litteraly broke down the house.

Jan, fascinated by Bach, has made a special study of his compositions and agreed to form a duo with Athena for special occasions.

25 October was such a special occasion. Bas van Toor and Art Daane organised their "Harmonica Gala 2003" in Giessenburg in the Netherlands.
Jan and Athena played "Concerto in D Minor for two violins" by J. S. Bach in three movements:
a: Vivace 4:02
b: Largo 5:38
c: Allegro 6:01

To my knowledge this concerto has never been played in three movements on the harmonica, and was therefor an absolute highlight on this occasion.

The program for that evening was as follows:
1. R.M.C. conducted by Joop Winterberg
2. Piet Moerer
3. Jeno Trio
4. Hammie van Hall
5. Arina Stam
6. Bas van Toor
7. Nameless Harmonica Trio
8. Duo Capriccioso
9. Wim Dijkgraaf and Roger Moares
10. Tinus Koorn
11. The Multicats

Jan and Athena, "Duo Capriccioso", are planning to make a CD in the near future, for more information:

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