In 2005, a few years after Nico van Grevenbroek left the Multicats, and having some problems with his health, he decided to put some serious efforts in making harmonica music again. His goal was to record a new album. When he told his cousin Aad de Haan about it, his reaction was; “if you need a chord player, you know where to find me.” And that was the beginning of “Harmonica Music Factory.”

It was not the first time the two musicians worked together. In the fifties Nico, at the age of nine, learned his first notes on the harmonica from his ten years older cousin Aad. Since there was little money in those years. Nico played an old chromatic harmonica, which Aad had given to him. With that instrument he joined the “Hotcha Harmonica School.”

Nico and Aad both grew up listening to Hotcha and Harmonicats records in a family with heart for the instrument. In those days Aad started a group, with Nico's father Toon, and some other relatives. They played harmonica music that was characteristic for that time. A few years later Nico joined them. In 1970 Aad, Nico and Toon formed “The Family Trio.” Six years later Toon was replaced by Frans Pauli, a former member of the Hotcha’s (1962-1969), and the two cousins finally decided to split up in 1978.

Since then Aad played in “The Oldtimers,” “The Multicats,” and from 1996 until now in his trio “Nameless.” Nico kept on playing with Pauli. During the early nineties they played in “The Blue Cats” with Tom Hayes. From 1996 till 2000 Nico joined “The Multicats” with Joop Winterberg and Freek Schenk, with whom he recorded the album “The Sound of the Harmonica.”

Now, many years later, Nico and Aad started to play together again, making an album that takes them back to those old harmonica classics. The album, “Looking Back,” therefore includes some Hotcha and Harmonicats titles and some arrangements from the time Nico and Aad played in “The Family Trio.”

On this album Aad plays the chord harmonica, while Nico plays the chromatic harmonica, bass harmonica and Millioniser, which is a harmonica synthesizer. On this album it is used with harmonica samples.

The Millioniser is used with sample software in:

- “Meet Mr Callaghan” with harmonica samples;

- “I’m Nobody's Sweetheart Now” in a harmonic (second) voice;

- “Cossack Patrol” in 3-tones harmonic part.

1. Who's Sorry Now
2. Rag of Rags
3. Cossack Patrol
4. Besame Mucho
5. I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now
6. Meet Mr. Gallaghan
7. Caravan
8. Heartaches
9. Hotcha's Boogie
10. Tuxedo Junction
11. Zuiderzee Blues
12. Jezebel

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