New for the 21st century
The world's first Electric Harmonica
"Hering Electric" by haRmonic Solutions"

Combining the familiar harmonica layout with miniature amplification techniques, this remarkable instrument brings harmonicas into the 21st Century. The built in microphone enables the modern player to be as driving, or as subtle as he or she likes and yet.........still be heard!

The electric harmonicas are a revolutionary product that now allows the player to be heard clearly. Traditionally the use of a microphone has brought with it a number of problems for the amplified player. Primarily, feedback and physically being able to comfortably hold both items in one hand are the two major areas of concern. Additionally, the use of vocal or bullet mics has given a particular tone loosely described as the "Chicago sound" and is basically that of an overdriven amp. Whilst this is fine in certain applications it does not allow the clean sound of the instrument to be used very readily.

haRmonic Solutions inbuilt mic system releases the space in the hand which means that the dynamics of the harmonica are enhanced and the true sound of the instrument can be heard. The major plus though, is that the harmonica can now be used with any of the effects pedals available to the guitarist. Now, at the press of a switch, a variety of tones and effects can be brought into play instantaneously. In other words the harmonica can take its rightful place alongside any modern instrument.

How is this achieved?
Each instrument has a tiny condenser microphone capsule built into it and is connected to a belt-mounted preamp by a cable plugged directly into the harmonica. The preamp provides the microphone capsule with power and also gives on/off and volume control. The positioning of the microphone capsule is the result of a great deal of research. The sensitive face is deliberately facing away from the rear of the instrument and this means it is very well ventilated and free from the possibility of contamination by condensed breath collecting within it. Additionally, the space now released within the hand acts as a secondary sound chamber assisting the dynamics of the harmonica. The face of the microphone is well positioned to utilise this. It also means that the tighter the instrument is cupped the louder it becomes.

There are both diatonic and chromatic models available with the inbuilt system.

-All new ultra airtight construction
-Renown HERING build quality
-Inbuilt haRmonic Solutions microphone system
-Mini-jack connection direct into instrument
-Belt-mounted volume control
-Can be used with any guitar effects pedals
-Replaceable reed plates
-All keys available
-Exciting modern colours

For details: haRmonic Solutions

Founder of haRmonic Solutions "Richard Smith" recently recorderd "A Dream" an 8 track CD lasting 60 minutes
This remarkable "DREAM" was recorded with their "Electric 10 hole diatonic Harp"

Electric Harp


Track list:
1. Just Relax
2. Wah Knot
3. Sea Miner
4. Dried Plums
5. Glitch at Dusk
6. Elements
7. A Dream
8. Swampie
Total playing time 61:20

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Price: 11.00, including postage world wide (second class mail)
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