Harmonica Gala 2003

The event took place on Saturday 25 October as a follow up of last years Gala in aid of the of the double CD
"The Harmonica in the Netherlands 1947-2002."
Thanks to the Jazz, Blues and Easy listening music, the harmonica is getting popular again in the Netherlands.
In the early days it were the Hotcha Trio, the Larrysons and the Snapshots Snapshots who were heard on the Dutch broadcasting system.
Lately it were mainly great soloists like Toots Thielemans, and the late Larry Adler who appeard on radio and television. However, local soloists, duo's, trio's quartets and larger groups had not disappeared from the music scene. Some of them were present at the Harmonica Gala 2003 in Giessenburg.

The program consisted of:
Jan vd Nent, and American violin player Athena Norcia, who have recently formed a duo.
Blues Harp giant Hammie van Hall.
"The Multicats," just to show that they had not disappered from the music scene; "they have celebrated their 40th anniversary."
Soloist Piet Moerer, also lead player for the Multicats.
Nameless Harmonica Trio, three players who have continuesly been active in different groups.
"Tinus Koorn", who staged a refreshing repertoire on the Blues Harp, and did a duet with Wim Dijkgraaf.
Bas(sie) van Toor, besides being a professional clown, a very sought after soloist.
The Jeno Trio, a new formation on the harmonica scene with two oldies and one newcomer who replaced Art Daane on chord harmonica as he is moving to South Africa.
The 'mistic' female player Arina Stam, who gave an outstanding performance on the tremolo harmonica.
Wim Dijkgraaf brought some brilliant Brasilian jazz with his magnificent tone control,
and last but not least the Rotterdam Harmonica Orchestra R.M.C., an 14 piece harmonica band conducted by Joop Winterberg, who by the way is the chord player for the Multicats.

The event was, if not more, as successful as last year. They had a full house and the public generously welcomed every item with great enthusiasm, and were not disappointed, each artist performed above his own standard.

"Art (Mr.Harmonica) Daane" presented the program, and was produced by "Bassie Produktions Inc."

Also present were "Bert ter Maat" with his collection of antique harmonicas, "Henk Kuik" from the 'Accordeon and Harmonica Museum' "De Muse," who displayed all brands of harmonicas which were for sale.

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