Harmonica Hall of Fame
collected by
Lou Delin & Art M. Daane
On permanent display in the Accordion & Harmonica Museum
"De Muse"

Kerkplein 12
Malden (near Nijmegen)
Phone: +31-(0)24-3584196
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Klaas Walkeuter Hohner 267 Chord Harmonica used for "The Larrysons" Netherlands. [Donated by Rob Walkeuter]
Ronald Chesney Hohner Chromatic 270 'A' "Slaughter on 10th Avenue"
Jerry Adler Hohner Chromatic 270 'C' "Abilene Philharmonic performance"
Sam Scheckter Huang 1248 Professional 'C'
Lionel Easton Hohner L. Adler Chrom.270 'C' "Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra"
Les Henry Hohner Bass 265/58 "The 3 Monarchs"
Art M. Daane Hohner Bass 265/58 "The Relda Trio" 1954-1960
Fred King Vermona Chord Harmonica "Montagues Harmonica Aces" 1950s
Walt Miller Prototype Hohner Super 64 from "Hohner 280/64 Chromatic"
Walt Miller Prototype Millioniser "Promotour of the USA"
Les Henry Large show model "The 3 Monarchs"
Les Henry Jack in the Box model "The 3 Monarchs"
Pete Pedersen Hohner 208/64 chromatic "Gold plated covers and Black mouthpiece"
William R. Epping C.F. Martin & Co. "10 hole diatonic by Hohner"
Jan vd Nent Hohner Super 64 "Harmonica Masters"
Norm Dobson Hohner 64 chromatic 280 "Harmonichords"
Bob 'Frank' Neubauer Borrah Minevitch Piano Key chromatic C-c
Alan 'Blackie' Schackner Hohner 270 "1950 model"
Lou Tambourin B.Minevitch 44 10 hole Chromatic 1935
Stan Harper Hohner 270 "Vivaldi's Flute Concerto"
Eddy L. Manson Hohner 270 "1960 Day of the Panther"
John Walton Hohner Echo "Swedish Rhapsody SABC 1962"
Harry Bee 64 Larry Adler model "1979"
Adler Trio Hohner Super 64 'mounted' "1984"
Leo Diamond Hohner 270 "C-450- "July 1957"
Jean 'Toots' Thielemans Hohner 270 chromatic "1980 - A-442"
Tommy Morgan Yamaha 12 hole chromatic 'C'
Andy Paskas Hohner 270 chromatic "fire rescued March, 1982"
Vito Patierno Hohner 10 hole chromatic 'G' "Harmonica Rascals"
Alan Pogson Borrah Minevitch "Stage Key 10 hole chromatic"
Pierre Herbineaux Hohner 270 chromatic "Trio Candido 1964"
Paul Baron Hohner Harmonetta "Ran over by a tank during 'tour' in Viet-Nam"
Sgro Brothers Hohner 270 12 hole chromatic 'C'
Early J. McMullen Hohner 260 10 hole chromatic 'G'
Sam Wolf Hohner 260 10 hole chromatic 'C' "1929"
William Roozenberg Tombo 12 hole chromatic 'C'
Ed Coatney Hohner 270 12 hole chromatic 'C'
Ben Dickman Hohner 270 12 hole chromatic 'C'
Larry Logan Hohner 270 12 hole chromatic 'C'
Charlie Musselwhite Hohner Marine Band 'A'
Britt Wood Hohner Old Standby 10 hole diatonic "1929"
Don Les Hohner Blues Harp 10 hole diatonic 'Eb'
Madcat Ruth Huang Silvertone 10 hole diatonic 'D'
Jack Kouvackian Hohner 125 year anniversary 10 hole diatonic "1857-1982"
Herb Shriner Hohner 10 hole diatonic 'G' "Blue Hoosier Boy"
Plehal Brothers Haussler 10 hole chromatic "tuned low A, 1930"
Michael J, Grayson Ands Koch double sided diatonic 'A' - 'E'
Harry Feinberg Hohner 260 10 hole chromatic "1930s"
C. Johnson Hugo Raumer 10 hole chromatic
Antonio Serano Hohner Super 64X "World Gala Concert Trossingen '97"
Max Geldray Hohner 270 "used in BBC Goon Shows"
John Walden Hohner Echo Vamper UK model B 12 holes
John Walden Hohner Echo Super Vamper UK model F 10 holes
Douglas Tate Hohner Special CBH 2012 "by Frank Huang" for Larry Adler
Leo Friedman Hohner 270 "Bras comb, coverplates and mouthpiece"
Hermine Deurloo Hohner 'Toots' Mellow Tone
Vito Patierno Hohner No 6 Polyphonia
Jan Verwey Hohner CBH 2016 chromatic
Don + Joop Heijman Hohner 280/64 chromatic "Hotcha Trio"
Tini van Driesten Hohner 265/58 bass "Hotcha Trio"
Jan Vuik Hohner 280 16 hole chromatic "Lee Kuypers-Hotcha Trio"
Jan Vuik Hohner 267 chord "Hotcha Trio"
Steve Baker Hohner Marine Band 14 hole diatonic "Steve Baker Special" 'D'
Lee Kuipers Hohner 270 chromatic 'Progression' "Hotcha Trio"
Bob Bauer Hohner #4 Vineta G-C-F (turn'round) "Harmonicats"
Brendon Power Hohner 270 (Polycarbonate blok) C# "Irish Harmonica" etc.
Larry Eisenberg Hohner Golden Melody "World Gala Concert '97 Trossingen"
Cham-Ber Huang Hohner Tremolo C# 23 double holes
Siegfried Naruhn Naruhn CB 10 "Wholetone chromatic"
Richard Hunter Tombo Lee Oskar "Natural minor"
Hammie van Hall Suzuki Promaster
Fred Zimbalist Hohner 64, "blow and draw notes the same in each hole"
Ronald Reagen "ex- USA President" Hohner Red River "Golden coloured 10 hole diatonic"
Charlie McCoy Hohner Old Standby 'F' "1979"
Frank Mitowski Hohner 260 'G' "Philharmonicas"
Sigmund Groven Hohner 270 "28th harmonica, broadcasts 1968"
Mrs. H. Dargie Hohner 270 'C' "Horrie Dargie Quintet"
Mrs. E. York Hohner 270 'C' "Three Monarchs"
Zan Dale Robinson Hohner 280 16 hole chromatic "Harmonica Rascals"

"Harmonica Hall of Fame"

Ronald Chesney Little Lady "Ronald Chesney promotion"
Larry Adler Little Lady "Larry Adler promotion"
Johnny Puleo Little Lady "Johnny Puleo promotion"
Jerry Adler Little Lady "Jerry Adler promotion"
Carl Freed Little Lady "Carl Freed promotion"
Alan B. Schackner Little Lady "Alan 'B' Scheckner promotion"
Harry Bee Little Lady "Harry Bee promotion|"
Lou Delin Little Lady "Lou Delin promotion"
Lou Delin Little Lady "SPAH promotion"
Cham-Ber Huang Huang miniature "Huang promotion"
Eduardo Pereira Miniatuur Hering "Curitiba promotion"
Walt Miller Miniatuur Hering "Walt Miller promotion"
Norm Dobson Little Lady "Pee Wee"
Dave Zaval Hohner Miniature Bass (two little ladies)

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