De Muse

Accordion and Harmonica Museum "De Muse"

"De Muse" is the only accordion and harmonica museum in the Netherlands.

A variegated amount of instruments is permanently on display.

Amongst the extended collection of accordions and harmonicas in "De Muse" , one also finds some musical boxes and small barrel-organs.
There is also a genuine Casali Cylinder Piano and in the museum restaurant a genuine Pianola. Since 1998 the harmonica collection was greatly extended by Art M. Daane.
Amongst the harmonica collection one finds the only "Harmonica Hall of Fame" in the world.

During a guided tour of the museum, we try and give a summary about the origin and development of the instruments in all facettes.

The Building
"De Muse" is situated in a historic building in the center of Malden. In 1855 it was built as an extension to the then rectory (1799) to be used as a primary school. Subsequently including barns and hay lofts it was used as a farm house in the years 1910 till 1979.

Allowed to fall in total disarray, it took extensive re-building and re-furbishment to bring it up to the standard requiered for our goal, which are three independent activities.

The museum shop, Kenk Kuik's accordion business and the museum restaurant are situated on the ground floor. The entire first floor is reserved for the Accordion and Harmonica Museum.

The Museum restaurant offers the visitors a place to eat and drink and intermingle in a pleasant atmosphere. One will often find a musician performing, but if the visitors so wishes, they too are welcome to play their harmonica or pick up an accordion and play.

The Shop (Henk Kuik Accordions)
Besides the museum activities, "De Muse" also gives the opportunity to buy a new or used accordion (chromatic/diatonic). Our shop offers a wide range of accordions, harmonicas, sheet music and compact discs: in brief, everything associated with these instruments.
we import, for the Benelux, the well-known CASTAGNARI-diatonic accordion , a much appreciated instrument by folk musicians.

Repair Shop
All expertise is present to have your instrument tuned and/or repaired by our expert. From the museum one looks down onto the repairman's bench.

The Foundation
The foundation "Friends of the Accordion and Harmonica Museum", aims to collect funds to keep the museum running and extend the collection. It also deployes activities to support the museum in all faccets.

If you intend to become a donor to the foundation, or support the museum in any other way, we would appriciate that very much.
For more information:
Friends of the Accordion and Harmonica Museum
Kerkplein 12
6581 AC Malden (near Nijmegen)
The Netherlands
c/o P. Hoefman ( treasurer)

Opening Times
Henk Kuik Accordions Wednesday-Saturday

'De Muse' Museum

Special opening hours for groups by appointment.
At the same time is it possible to make use of the restaurant for special occasions or other festive activities.

Adults 3.00
Children 6-12 1.75
Under the age of 6 free admission

Easy Access to "De Muse"
By Bus/Traintaxi from Nijmegen station;
Bus No. 83 (halting place "Groesbeekseweg);
By car, highway A73, way out 3 Malden; Center of town opposite Church and new Town Hall;
On Bike, by way of secondary highway or "Broekkant" ( Maas-route).

Kerkplein 12
6581 AC Malden (near Nijmegen)
The Netherlands
Tel: (0031)24 - 3584196
Fax: (0031)24 - 3581902

For information in Dutch: De Muse

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