Dutch Harmonica Trio
De Adlers
"1957 - 1970"

De Adlers

Gerrit de Haan - Chords * Willem van Biljouw - Lead * Jan Saft - Bass *

The Adlers took part in various "Talent Quests," appeared on several national radio stations, toured the "Dutch Military Camps" and appeared in many theatres in the country.

One of the highlights of their career was performing at one of the largest entertainment halls in the country, "De RAI" in Amsterdam, with a crowd capacity of 30.000, and above all, the hall was packed.

At one stage they were approached by Hohner to stand-in for the famous "Hotcha Trio" who had to go on a Scandinavian tour. Their personal careers stopped them from becoming professionals and declined the offer. This marked them as true professionals

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