Charles "BUD" Boblink

Chicago-born Bud Boblink fell in love
with the harmonica when he was 13 years old. It was then that he and two friends, Bob Laas and Al Fontana, formed a trio, The Harmonica Bobcats. Within six years, they were touring Europe, entertaining the Armed Forces and performing on Radio Free Europe. Their tour continued into the Far East, Japan, and Korea.

Over the years, Boblink has worked with many harmonica groups, including The Mike Hanley Trio, Jammercats, Harmonica Classics, The Yellow Pine Trio, Johnny Puleo's Harmonica Gang, and the Harmonicats. His friends, the Harmonicats, were a tremendous influence on him and his music. Bud feels honored to have worked with Jerry Murad's, Don Les', and Al Fiore's Harmonicats. Boblink has made appearances on radio, recordings, television, and many stages across the country.

In addition, he has shared the stage with many individual harmonica artists such as Pete Pedersen, Howard Levy, Harry Bee, Madcat, Lee Oskar, Stagg McMann, Cappy, Sandy German, Frank Warner, Don Klein, Buzz Krantz, and Joe Filisko. For several years, Bud has joined Don Allen and Dan Wilson to judge and perform at the Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival in Idaho. In 1998, Bud and Frank Warner joined Pete Pedersen to record ten of Pete's original compositions.

Self-taught Bud Boblink plays all types of harmonicas, but specializes in the chord harmonica when playing with groups. Popularized by the performance of his single act, he enjoys blending vaudeville-style comedy, magic and familiar music into a crowd-pleasing, one-man show.

Bud is a very active member of the Windy City Harmonica Club, and is also a member of the Buckeye State Harmonica Club, Harmonica-Plus of Virginia, and is a Lifetime Honorary Member of the Society for the Preservation and Adavncement of the Harmonica (SPAH). In 2004, SPAH recognized his contributions to harmonica music with the Hamonica Player of the Year Award. Bud lives in Northwest Indiana with his wife, Barbara.

"By Request!"
01. Classic convergence:
a: Hungarian Dance 5
b: Carmen
c: Rondo
d: Dance of the Hours
e: Ode to Joy
f: Dance of the Comedians
02. My One and Only Love
03. Trains:
a: Freight Train
b: Wabash Cannonball
c: Casey Jones
d: Orange Blossom Special
04. Peg O' My Heart
05. Beer Barrel Polka
06. When You Wish Upon a Star
07. Yakkity Sax
08. Windy City Drive:
a: My Kind of Town
b: Chicago
09. Edelweiss
10. Meditation
11. Amazing Gracfe
12. Me and My Shadow
13. Fiddler on the Roof Medley:
a: If I Were a Rich Man
b: Sunrise, Sunset
c: To Life
14. Georgia on My Mind

By Request was arranged, performed and recorded by Bud Boblink with various harmonicas and keyboard.

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"By Request"
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