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Al's "Fabulous" creation

The extraordinary harmonicist Al Smith has created, not only for harmonica addicts, an exceptional book.
It has 538 pages and includes 328 photographs.
It's well written, documentated, and good looking.
Not everybody may agree with me, but I think that this is the best documented harmonica book I have ever seen.
I have seen and read all that have ever been published.

The book can be ordered directly from Al.
Al Smith
2398 Southern Rd.
Ohio, 44286
Phone/Fax: ++1-(0)330-6596458

E-mail for orders: Hotshots

The price will be $35 in the USA and $45 U.S. dollars elswhere, prices include shipping and handling.
Send cashier's check or money orders for US Dollars.

Book Review

In addition you can also order their fabulous CD's. [see below for details]

Hotshots CD "Harmonica Fever" titles:
1. Brazil
2. OH! What It Seemed To Be
3. St. Louis Blues
4. Cantina Band (from Star Wars)
5. Peg O' My Heart
6. Waitin' For The Robert E. Lee
7. Street Fair
8. Phantom Of The Opera
9. Tribute To Cohan
10. Without You
11. La Fiesta
12. Miserlou
13. Toast To The Southland
14. Blue Prelude
15. New York, New York
16. El Cumbanchero

Hotshots CD "Orange Blossom Special...And All That Jazz" titles:
1. Orange Blossom Special
2. Up A Lazy River
3. Ashokan Farewell
4. Dark Eyes
5. Bugler's Holiday
6. El Relicario
7. Mister Sandman
8. Steel Guitar Rag
9. Jalousie
10. Polka Medley
11. Chiquita (Composed by Dominic Sgro)
12. Fiddlin' Around
13. Time Was
14. Sweet Georgia Brown
15. American Patrol
16. Chicago

The price is US$16.00 + US$4.00 for S&H. (Overseas orders add US$2.00)

E-mail for orders: Hotshots

Or mail to:

Al Smith
2398 Southern Road
Ohio, 44286-9520
U. S. of America
Phone/Fax: ++1-(0)330-6596458


Harmonica Junction
Harmonica Junction CD "Harmonica Junction! - ALL ABOARD!" titles:
1. Only You
2. Leap Frog
3. Quizas, Quizas,Qquizas
4. Piacer d'Amour
5. Sonny Boy
6. Inamorata
7. Comedians Galop
8. My Wild Irish Rose
9. Overture from Tommy
10. Are You Lonesome Tonight
11. There's No Tomorrow
12. Cintigo en la Distancia
13. In Caliente
14. Dam that dream
15. Ferryboat Serenade
16. Tribute to SPAH
17. Meester Tango
18. Airlanes
19. Walter Winchell Rhumba
20. Pretty Woman

The price is US$16.00 + US$4.00 for H&S. (Overseas orders add US$2.00)

Order from:

Gene Hansen
29830 Manhatten Street
St. Claire Shores
Michigan 48082
U. S. of America
Payment must be made by cashier's check or money orders for US Dollars

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