Adler Trio

Adler Trio


Dror Adler co-founded the ADLER TRIO together with his brother, Danny Adler, and plays with the group ever since.

Dror was born in Israel and started his musical career first on the Accordion and than on the piano. When the Trio was established in 1962, he changed to playing the Chord harmonica, which he plays until today.

Dror is the MC and musical director of the trio and prepares most of the trio´s arrangements.

Jacob Kol joined the trio in 1975. Born in Germany and immigrated to Israel as a little boy. Jacob started his musical career on the Saxophone. He played in the Israeli Air Force band and several other bands.

When the Adler trio needed a bass harmonica player to replace the former one, Dror Adler convinced his friend Jacob to try the heavy Bass harmonica.

Jacob was hooked immediately and plays the Bass Harmonica ever since.

Michal Adler-Gronich daughter of the Trio's founder Danny Adler, is a second generation in the Adler Trio.

Playing the harmonica since childhood, Michal had won a well-deserved reputation as a solo harmonica virtuoso. Michal played in many concerts in Israel and abroad, mostly with her husband, the famous musician and composer Shlomo Gronich.

With the recent inclusion of Michal as the new soloist for the Adler trio, a unique composition "Harmonicadence" was composed by Mr. Gronich and dedicated to the Adler Trio.

The ADLER TRIO has become an integral part of Israel's cultural scene and has won international reputation as harmonica virtuosos.

With a rich repertoire that ranges from classics to pop, from soul to country and western and the sound of Israel and the Jewish music!

The ADLER TRIO has thrilled audiences in the United States, Germany, France, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Taiwan, Japan and of course Israel itself.

The Trio had released 8 LP records and 5 CDs.

In 1984 The Trio was the featured artist at the SPAH convention in the USA and was introduced to the world harmonica community as the best harmonica trio in the world.
In 1987 the Trio was invited to the first World Harmonica Championship ( Jersey, England) as judges together with Jerry Murad and other top players.
In 1989 - Judges of the 1989 World Championships in Trossingen Germany.
In 1993 - Judges of the 1993 World Championships in Trossingen Germany.
In 1995 - 5 concerts at the World Championships in Japan.
In 1995 - A special concert in Uruguay in memory of assassinated Israeli prime minister Izhak Rabin.

In 2000 - First performance of "Harmonicadence" in the prestigious festival of Upper Galilee in Israel.

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