SPAH Harmonica Player of the Year - 2018

By Art M. Daane
Hermine Deurloo
Since I am a member of SPAH "Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica' I nominated Hermine for the Harmonica Player of the Year Award 2018. This year the event to place in St. Louis, MO. Hermine and I have come a long way since her first CD "Sozinhos" with INSUNZA & DEURLOO. She won the "Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award" for 2018.

Criteria: Candidates' proficiency should be a source of pride for the community - the award should be for excellence in playing the instrument.
Award should be for distinction demonstrated or attained recently, preferably during a twelve-month period prior to the deadline for nominations.

The Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year Award was instituted in 1981 to honor the memory of Bernie Bray, a widely admired harmonica soloist and instrument builder who died that year. Bernie Bray was a family man, a lover of life and living. He was a featured soloist with the Royal Canadian Air Force Concert Band, for which he did all his arranging and orchestration. This was a 60- piece band located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He was forever experimenting for improvement on current harmonica models, but he also built many instruments of his own design. He also designed and built many of his own tools for harmonica repair. His instruments, all handmade, were the envy of all pros that came to play them and marveled at them. One of his instruments, a bass 64 chromatic, was used by Pete Pedersen in his recording of the George Gershwin composition "An American in Paris" on the Hohner sampler album Heavy Duty Harpin' (released in 1984.)

Here are the nominees for SPAH's Bernie Bray Harmonica Player of the Year 2018
- Carlos del Junco, Canadian diatonic blues and jazz harmonicist
- Hermine Deurloo, chromatic jazz harmonicist from the Netherlands
- PT Gazell, half-valved swing diatonic player from Nashville, Tennessee
- Jon Gindick, legendary player, instructional author and Jam Camp producer from Southern California

>Hermine also became an Endorsee for Hohner where she gives master classes during special organized workshops in Trossingen along with Steve Baker and Joe Filisko to name a few. She is an outstanding performer and has made an excellent career,CD's, TV shows, international appearances, films and movie soundtracks.

Here with the famous Metropole Orchestra. Hermine Deurloo's approach on the chromatic harmonica is often characterized as a rich and varied sound, with effortless fluency. Hermine studied saxophone at the Amsterdam Conservatory. At the same time, she taught herself to play the harmonica. She has performed all over the world and with musicians such as Jim Black, Han Bennink, Tony Scherr, The Willem Breuker Kollektief, Candy Dulfer, Glennis Grace, Al Jarreau, and the Metropole Orchestra. Her latest recording Living Here is with pianist and composer Rembrandt Frerichs, cellist Jörg Brinkmann and special guest on drums Jim Black, released on Zennez Records in December 2016. This group played concerts in the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Egypt and Germany. Previous albums include Welling (2015), which she recorded with the jazz string quartet Zapp4, Glass Fish (2012), released by Challenge Records, and Crazy Clock (2005), recorded in New York with bass player/guitarist/vocalist Tony Scherr.
Hermine performed in films and commercials, including recently for the Los Angeles based filmcomposer Austin Wintory, for a film of Amin Matalqua. She's a guest solist on many CD's and playes with a variety of groups, such as with Mathilde Santing and Ronald Snijders. Hermine has appeared on TV many times, in prime time programs such as "Pauw", "De Wereld Draait Door" and "Jinek". In 2011, Hermine was interviewed for the daily news item on RAI 3 in Italy.

It is clear that Deurloo adds a new dimension to the brilliancy of the immortal Toots: complex rhythms, soft dissonants, and attention to current musical trends. It's a question of time for an international breakthrough for this unique harmonica musician. - Cyriel Pluimakers

Hermine Deurloo plays the chromatic harmonica with the effortless fluency of a saxophonist and is a creative and melodic musician. It is obvious that she ranks among the top jazz harmonica players of this decade. - Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene.

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